The Swindlers

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What does it take to catch the world’s most legendary conman? After swindling a huge sum of money from many victims, master conman Jang Doo Chil (Heo Sung Tae) disappears and is presumed dead. But when rumors surface that Doo Chil may be alive, Prosecutor Park Hee Soo (Yoo Ji Tae) wants to make sure that he remains “dead” to avoid a corruption scandal. Prosecutor Park recruits master swindler Hwang Ji Sung (Hyun Bin), who has his own personal vendetta against Doo Chil, as well as Go Suk Dong (Bae Sung Woo), Choon Ja (Nana) and Chief Kim (Ahn Se Ha), to track down Doo Chil in exchange for criminal immunity. They devise a plan to bait Doo Chil’s right-hand man, Kwak Sung Gun (Park Sung Woong), but will it work? “The Swindlers” is a 2017 South Korean film written and directed by Jang Chang Won.