Crazy New Year's Eve



Chinese New Year is a time to reflect on relationships and family. Wedding planner Jia Yi (Amber Kuo) is planning her 100th wedding, and the her sentimentality makes her want to get married. But her boyfriend (Rhydian Vaughan) is not committing. Nana (Zhao Li Ying) goes into labor on New Year's Eve. But her husband, superstar Jing Ming (Jam Hsiao), must choose between being by her side for this important family event and his professional commitment to appear on a countdown show. Zhong Wei (Xia Yu) and Ya Lun (Gordon Lam) are overworked police officers. After capturing the suspect Hou Zi (Zhang Yi), they agree to let him say goodbye to his grandmother before being taken away. Zhong Wei and Ya Lun begin to think about their own families. “Crazy New Year's Eve” is a 2015 Chinese film directed by Eva Jin and Pan An Zi.