Two palace maids play a dangerous game of love, but only one will capture the heart of a prince. During the reign of Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Xiang (Zhou Dong Yu) is a maid who enters the palace to work. There, she meets another palace maid, Liu Li (Zhao Li Ying), and the two quickly become the best of friends. Liu Li harbors ambitions of becoming the wife or concubine of a prince. Given an errand, Liu Li sends Cheng Xiang in her place. Cheng Xiang ends up meeting the 13th Prince Yin Xiang (Chen Xiao) during the errand, and the two become smitten with each other. When the 13th Prince goes to search for Cheng Xiang, who had her face covered by a handkerchief, Liu Li comes forward as the owner of the handkerchief, and the 13th Prince mistakenly believes that the woman he loves is Liu Li. Will the 13th Prince find out the identity of his true love? Who will be the woman to stand by him until the end? “The Palace” is a 2013 Chinese film directed by Pan An Zi.