Sunset In My Hometown

Sunset In My Hometown
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Going back home can be an eye-opening experience for some people chasing a dream. Hak Soo (Park Jung Min) is an aspiring rapper in Seoul who is trying find stardom by competing in audition programs but never being able to get to the final round. After yet another rejection, he gets a call from someone in his hometown, a rural mountainous city of Byeonsan, telling him that his estranged father had a stroke. Hak Soo reluctantly returns to his hometown to face all the people he left behind in the pursuit of his dream in the big city. That includes his high school friend, Sun Mi (Kim Go Eun), who had a crush on him. Can Hak Soo discover the root of what’s holding him back from finding success in this unlikely place? “Sunset in My Hometown” is a 2018 South Korean film directed by Lee Joon Ik.