On Your Wedding Day

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When Hwang Woo Yeon (Kim Young Kwang) receives a wedding invitation from the woman who stole his heart more than ten years ago, he begins to realize only too late that his first love was the one he should never have let get away. A transfer student from Jeonju, Hwan Seung Hee (Park Bo Young) stole Hwang Woo Yeon’s heart the moment their eyes met, on that fateful day in the teachers’ office. Immediately heart-struck, Woo Yeon vows to make Seung Hee fall in love with him. After a lot of work and wooing, Woo Yeon eventually wins Seung Hee’s heart but fate refuses to play fair. Separated not long after, Seung Hee and Woo Yeon spend the next ten years wandering in and out of each other’s lives. Always friends but never more, Woo Yeon begins to realize that what he wants more than anything is the one thing he may never have. "On Your Wedding Day" is a 2018 romantic comedy film directed by Lee Seok Geun.