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Best friends since childhood, Ah Jie (Dong Zi Jian), Xiao Bo (Karry Wang), and Tong Tong (Dilraba Dilmurat) have grown up on the streets together. No strangers to trouble, the trio of orphans know the best way to avoid problems with the police is to not get caught, so when they find themselves on the run, they know exactly which places are the best to hide. Or so they thought. Running into an abandoned general store after an evening of vandalism, the three friends decide to lay low for a while, eventually agreeing to spend the night in the store. All goes well until a mysterious letter appears in what seems to be a magical mailbox. With the letters addressed to the store’s former owner, Namiya (Jackie Chan), the delinquent trio decides to fill in for the absent owner. Answering the letter in his stead, the trio sets off a series of mysterious correspondence with pen pals living 30 years in the past. Through the letters, the friends begin to piece together the stories of another group of orphans who lived in the 1990s. Even more amazing than connecting with the past is learning how the events in the lives of these strangers came to shape the present of these three friends. Based on the novel “Miracles of the Namiya General Store” by Keigo Higashino, “Namiya” is a 2017 Chinese fantasy film directed by Han Jie.