Fall In Love Like A Star

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Su Xing Yu (Li Yi Feng) is an aspiring musician who takes a job of tuning instruments for a touring rock group. While doing so, he meets Tian Xin (Yang Mi), one of the band’s assistants. They fall in love, and dream of Su Xing Yu becoming a major star – with Tian Xin as his manager. Then, one day, Tian Xin decides to leave Su Xing Yu, secretly thinking that she will only hold him back in the pursuit of his musical dreams. Su Xing Yu is furious when Tian Xin abandons him but continues to work hard in the music business. Five years later, Su Xing Yu has become a hit performer but has a fall-out with his manager. In a fit of pique, he decides to fire his manager and hire Tian Xin instead – resolving to make her squirm and punish her for leaving him alone years ago. Little by little, Su Xing Yu and Tian Xin discover that they still have feelings for one another. But when an unexpected mishap threatens to derail Su Xing Yu’s career, Tian Xin starts to wonder if he really is the right person for Su Xing Yu after all. Will the music-loving duo resolve their differences? Or will the pressure of fame take a fatal toll on their romance? “Fall in Love Like a Star” is a 2015 Chinese movie directed by Tony Chan.