Goodbye Mr. Loser

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Xia Luo (Shen Teng), a struggling musician, has exasperated his long-suffering wife Ma Dongmei (Ma Li). When he drunkenly professes his love for the woman he pined for during his high school years, Qiu Ya (Wang Zhi), Ma Dongmei has had enough and gives him a very vocal piece of her mind. All hell breaks loose, but in the midst of the mayhem, Xia Luo blacks out and suddenly wakes up as his teenage self, back in school in 1997. Realizing he has to re-live the past two decades, Xia Luo attempts to do better the second time around. Is it to be second time lucky in life – and the music business – for Xia Luo? And will his heart lead him on a pursuit of unrequited love, Qiu Ya, or is Ma Dongmei the real love of his life? The film was based on a successful stage play of the same name, produced by Mahua FunAge. “Goodbye Mr. Loser” is a 2015 Chinese movie directed by Yan Fei and Peng Damo.