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Rally driver Xu Tai Lang (Deng Chao) has just won the race of his life and celebrates by taking his elderly father Xu Zheng Tai (Eddie Peng) on a fateful high-speed car ride. The two men have never seen eye-to-eye: Xu Tai Lang feels that his father was overly strict when he was a child, and never supported him in the pursuit of his dreams. As his mother died when he was still an infant, Xu Tai Lang feels his childhood was deeply unhappy – and blames his father for everything. The ride ends abruptly when a train crashes into the side of their car. Xu Tai Lang is hospitalized, and drifts in and out of consciousness. Suddenly, he finds himself transported back in time to the late 1990s, when his father was still a young man. The two strike up a friendship and Xu Tai Lang gets to meet the mother he never knew (Zhao Li Ying). As his father’s new best buddy, Xu Tai Lang discovers a side of his father that he never knew – and begins to understand more about some of the choices his father made for the sake of his son and wife. Could his time-traveling exploits help Xu Tai Lang smooth out his rocky relationship with his father in the later years of the old man’s life? Or is it too late for second chances? “Duckweed” is a 2017 Chinese movie directed by Han Han.