Tiny Times 1.0

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Lin Xiao (Yang Mi) is a recent graduate of Shanghai University. She still lives with her college roommates, three friends she has known since her high school days. The group includes the super-organized Gu Li (Amber Kuo), aspiring designer Nan Xiang (Bea Hayden), and serial worrier Tang Wanru (Evonne Hsieh). Lin Xiao is also still dating her high school boyfriend. But life starts to change pace when she takes a job as an editorial assistant at a popular fashion magazine. She soon finds that her demanding and aloof manager Gong Ming (Rhydian Vaughan) is a very hard person to please. It looks like adjusting to the high-pressure world of high fashion may be harder than Lin Xiao first thought. Can she really make it in the fashion world? Will the job take its toll on her love life? Or will her friendship with her three best friends help her pull through? “Tiny Times 1.0” is a 2013 Chinese movie written, produced, and directed by Guo Jingming.