I Belonged to You

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The host of the most-listened-to late-night radio program, Chen Mo (Deng Chao) was living the good life. His career was solid, his fame grew, and best of all, he got to go to work every day with the love of his life, his radio show co-host, Xiao Rong (Du Juan). But everything changed the night a lonely listener called into the show, his words inspiring Xiao Rong to leave Chen Mo for good. With the loss of his love and co-host of his career, his life begins a serious downward spiral that ultimately ends him making a ridiculous bet that’s sure to end in disaster. Meanwhile, Chen Mo’s “little brothers” aren’t faring any better, in either life or love. Mao Shiba (Yang Yang), a struggling inventor living off his cousin, Chen Mo, spends most of his days running from a local police officer, Li Zhi (Bai Bai He). For some reason, Li Zhi seems to have it out for him, unfortunately for Shiba, which he can’t seem to figure out why. At the same time, Chen Mo’s other “brother”, Zhu Tou, has spent the past eight years in a relationship with his college sweetheart, Yan Zi. Though they’ve been together for years, they’ve spent most of their time apart, as Yan Zi has spent the majority of those years traveling the world at Zhu Tou’s expense. Tired of missing his globe-trotting girlfriend, Zhu Tou hopes a marriage proposal will bring her home for good but can either of them really be happy after spending so much time apart? With so much working against them, will these down-and-out souls find a way to be happy in both life and love? Based on the popular web novel by Zhang Jiajia, “I Belong to You” is a fun yet thought-provoking 2016 romantic drama film directed by Zhang Yibai.