Su Fei (Zhang Zi Yi) spends her days working as a telephone booking clerk at a travel agency but by night, she’s a comic book artist who whiles the hours away, sketching the romantic adventures of her cartoon self - a dashing secret agent. Always nagged by her parents to stop wasting time dreaming of the perfect man and go out to get one, Su Fei finds comfort in the company of her best friends, Lily (Yao Chen), Lu Xiaoxi (Ruby Lin), and Xixi (Ada Choi). When she unexpectedly wins a five-day, all-expenses-paid trip to a luxurious hotel in Singapore, Su Fei invites her best friends on an adventure of a lifetime. But when they all ditch her at the last minute, she has no choice but to go on this adventure alone. On her way to Singapore, Su Fei runs into a Chinese-American secret agent, Yan Dawei (Leehom Wang), the living embodiment of her cartoon dream man. Posing as David Chen, Dawei is hot on the trail of Mr. Gao (Jack Kao), a ruthless gangster who hopes to take possession of The Lucky Star, a priceless diamond that was stolen from an exhibition in London. Hoping to use this diamond to construct a world-destroying weapon, Dawei’s mission is to stop the transaction, retrieve the diamond, and discover who’s behind Gao’s recent actions. Falling head-over-heels for Dawei, Su Fei follows him to a rooftop party where, through a series of misunderstandings and a bad case of mistaken identity, she finds herself in possession of the precious gem. Caught up in a whirlwind adventure to rival those of her comics, Su Fei must rely on Dawei and his techie sidekick Bo (Zheng Kai), to outwit the bad guys and save the world from certain doom. “My Lucky Star” is an action-packed 2013 Chinese romantic adventure film directed by Dennie Gordon.