Fleet of Time (CN)

Fleet of Time, Back in Time
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When Chen Xun (Eddie Peng) shows up at an old friend’s wedding, he can’t help but feel a little nostalgic as he sees himself surrounded by so many familiar faces. Reminiscing about the good old days, Chen Xun begins to tell the story of his life. Growing up with a group of tight-knit friends in Beijing in the 1980s, Chen Xun recalls the experiences of his life, both good and bad; and fondly remembers those who stood by him through it all. As he goes on, he admits his feelings for the girl he fell for all those years ago, the girl who got away, his one true love, Fang Hui (Ni Ni). Admitting that the heartbreak he felt in letting her go, has shaped him into the man he is today, he comes to a place where he realizes he still has a chance to make things right. He just has to be brave enough to take those first steps towards change. Based on the bestselling novel series by Jiu Ye Hui, “Fleet of Time” is a 2014 film directed by Zhang Yibai.