Quantum Physics

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Lee Chan Woo (Park Hae Soo) is a man of many talents. A major player in the world of Korean nightlife, he not only runs a successful nightclub, but has made a name for himself as the “Hua Tuo” of nightlife. Nicknamed after the legendary Chinese physician, Chan Woo has a knack for breathing new life into struggling, nearly bankrupt nightclubs, making them successful once again. A man who lives by his own “quantum physical theory”, he truly believes that your thoughts and actions shape your reality. But Chan Woo’s theory is put to the ultimate test when he learns that one of the country’s top celebrities is taking part in a drug party being held at one of the local clubs. Knowing the authorities must be informed, he contacts Officer Park Ki Heon (Kim Sang Ho), knowing he’ll do what must be done to bring those involved to justice. With Officer Park and his associate, Sung Eun Young (Seo Ye Ji) by his side, Chan Woo and his team begin to investigate the less-than-reputable goings on in some of the city’s hottest clubs; but digging deeper brings with it all sorts of nasty consequences. With celebrities, prosecutors, and politicians all involved in the ever-growing scandal, Chan Woo, Eun Young, and Officer Park must confront some of the country’s most powerful people in a fight for justice that may end up costing them everything. An engaging story from start to finish, “Quantum Physics” is a 2019 crime film directed by Lee Sung Tae.