Veteran actor Jae Ha (Park Sung Woong) has made a name for himself as a man truly devoted to his craft. Taking keen interest in every aspect of theater production, he actively seeks out ways in which he can help, doing everything he can to ensure each production he’s a part of is of the highest caliber. As devoted as he is to the production side of things, he’s even more devoted when it comes to carrying out his roles. Notorious for his method acting, Jae Ha thinks nothing of adopting the personality of the character he plays to such an extent that he becomes that character until the curtain falls on the final production. Polar opposite to Jae Ha is idol star, Young Woo (Oh Seung Hoon). Young and pretentious, Young Woo has little respect for the theater or his colleagues; but all of that changes when Jae Ha takes him under his wing. Intrigued by Jae Ha’s passion, Young Woo is inspired to follow in his elder’s footsteps. Dedicating himself to his new role, Young Woo adopts Jae Ha’s practice of method acting, soon becoming the character he must portray. As the two actors spend more time together, the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred, allowing feelings between them begin to grow. With emotions high, the pair soon find themselves trapped in a tangled web of their own making. Embroiled in a scandal so severe it could ruin everything, the two must decide if their love is worth the sacrifice. A tempestuous story of forbidden love, “Method” is a 2017 drama film directed by Bang Eun Jin.