My Bossy Girlfriend

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A university student, majoring in engineering, Hwi So (Ji Il Joo) isn’t really one to stand out in a crowd. A member of the robotics club, Hwi Soo and his two best friends, Gil Yong Tae (Heo Jung Min) and Chang Gil (Kim Ki Doo) have spent countless hours building robots but have done little else. The self-proclaimed “Avengers of the Engineering” these three may be the smartest guys on campus but they’re complete failures when it comes to social interaction.  Having been single for 9,888 days, the three friends agree that it’s time for them to find a girlfriend and end their days of singleness forever. There’s just one problem, none of them know how to actually talk to a girl. Scouring books and the internet for any helpful tips on how to get a girl, the three boys set out on a quest to end their loneliness, but getting a girl’s attention is harder than it looks! With the school festival fast approaching, the boys decide this is the perfect time to find a girlfriend. But can love really be found so easily? Hwi So isn’t so sure. At least not until he meets Hye Jin (Lee Elijah), a straightforward, brutally honest archer who waltzes into his life and changes everything. A delightful romantic comedy full of heart, “My Bossy Girlfriend” is a 2019 movie directed by Lee Jang Hee.