Seven years ago, Hong Kong’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau, or EOD, launched an extensive undercover mission to infiltrate the organization of one of the city’s most wanted and dangerous criminals, Hung Kai Pang (Jiang Wu). Taking on the mission himself, senior inspector, Cheung Choi San (Andy Lau), successfully infiltrated Kai Pang’s organization, earning himself a place at the criminal mastermind’s side.  Neck deep in Hong Kong’s seedy underworld, Choi San finds himself working side-by-side with a dangerous gang of criminals as they attempt to pull off a major bank heist. When things go sideways and officers begin dying, Choi San blows his cover, choosing to help his fellow officers bring in Kai Pang’s younger brother and the majority of his criminal gang. Enraged by Choi San’s betrayal, Kai Pang spends years plotting the perfect revenge. With the final details of his master plan in place, Kai Pang takes on the name, Blast, and unleashes his fury on an unsuspecting city. With bombs going off around Hong Kong and an underwater tunnel full of innocents held hostage, Choi San must put his skills to the ultimate test in a race against time that could very well end in utter disaster. An exciting thrill-ride, “Shock Wave” is a 2017 action film directed by Herman Yau.