Hello, Mr. Billionaire

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Wang Duo Yu (Shen Teng) is a hapless loser. He plays as a goalkeeper for a lower league soccer team, and looks set for a life of poverty and dejection. But life takes a sudden twist when all of a sudden he is contacted by a trust fund operator who tells him that a relative he barely knew existed – a rich great uncle – has died and left him the sole heir to a multi-million fortune. However, his great uncle included a very unusual clause in his will: Wang Duo Yu will only get his hands on the money if he can spend a billion yuan in just 30 days. It might sound easy, but the task proves to be incredibly tough. He is not allowed to give the money away or tell anyone about his quest. And things get even more complicated when the evil trust company’s managers – hoping to get the money for themselves – decide to hatch a plot against Duo Yu… Can Duo Yu succeed? And what will he learn about the real value of money along the way? The movie was based on “Brewster’s Millions,” a novel by George Barr McCutcheon, which was adapted into Hollywood blockbuster in the mid-1980s, starring comedians Richard Pryor and John Candy. “Hello, Mr. Billionaire” is a 2018 movie co-directed by Peng Da Mo and Yan Fei.