The Last Wish



Gao Yuan (Peng Yu Chang) is an introverted high school student who has been diagnosed with degenerative muscular dystrophy. He is almost completely paralyzed and hospital-bound. And things just get worse when the doctors tell him he does not have much longer to live. Although his loving parents do their best to stay by his side, he is only truly happy when his two mischief-loving best friends Xu Hao (Darren Wang) and Zhang Zheng Yang (Wei Da Xun) come to visit. But when a doctor tells Gao Yuan that his time is now really running out, he makes a frank confession to his two best pals – he does not want to die a virgin! Gao Yuan’s pals resolve that they will do their utmost, and stop at nothing to help him fulfill his last wish. What ensues is a hilarious adventure, as the trio attempts to set Gao Yuan up with a woman – and write a thrilling final chapter to their friendship. This film was based on the South Korean movie “The Last Ride,” which was released in 2016. “The Last Wish” is a 2019 Chinese movie directed by Tian Yu Sheng.