The Untamed: Fatal Journey



In a magical realm ravaged by supernatural, evil spirits, a mighty warrior named Nie Ming Jue (Wang Yi Zhao) is recalled to his ancestral tomb after its sanctity is violated. The Nie realm has also fallen into chaos, as the forces of evil break loose and run amok. He travels back to the Nie clan’s hometown to restore his family’s honor, taking with him his younger brother, the jovial, flute-playing Nie Huai Sang (Li Ji) in order to help restore the tomb and bring peace back to the Nie lands. Nie Huai Sang is forced to undergo a rapid transformation as the evil forces intensify their efforts – and change from a fun-loving sidekick into a powerful and responsible Nie leader in his own right. Is he up for this challenge of a lifetime? And will his brother help to protect him on this fateful mission of self-discovery? This film is one of the follow-ups to the hit 2019 Chinese drama series “The Untamed.” “The Untamed: Fatal Journey” is a 2020 Chinese movie that was directed by Qiu Zhong Wei.