Last Letter

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After the death of her older sister, Yuan Zhilan (Deng En Xi), Yuan Zhihua (Zhou Xun) is left with nothing more than a letter and an invitation to her sister’s 30-year high school reunion. Deciding to attend the reunion in her sister’s stead, Zhihua runs into Yin Chuan (Qin Hao), a currently struggling novelist and the boy on whom Zhihua once harbored a secret crush. With her older sister always stealing the spotlight, Yin Chuan had never bothered to pay much attention to Zhihua, until now. Connecting with Yin Chuan in a way she never could in high school, Zhihua begins a series of correspondence with her childhood crush, all while pretending to be her deceased sister. As the two connect through old-fashioned letters, they begin to understand the underlying stories that brought each of them to where they are now. As old memories are re-lived, new feelings are evoked, bringing hearts and lives together in ways neither of them could ever imagine. A story of love and loss, heartbreak and healing, “Last Letter” is a 2018 romantic drama film directed by Shunji Iwai.