Till the End of the World

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With plans to launch a wedding business catering specifically to couples searching for that perfect “Instagram moment”, Wu Fu Chun (Mark Chao) is headed to Antarctica, to scope out its potential for those seeking the ultimate destination wedding. Brash, cheeky, and ostentatious, Fu Chun thrives on attention and loves to make a statement wherever he goes. The polar opposite of Fu Chun, Jing Ru Yi (Yang Zi Shan) is a reserved, yet well-respected scientist, on her way to study auroras at a remote science station located deep in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica. Moving in completely different circles, Ru Yi could have happily gone her entire life without meeting Fu Chun, the flight they shared becoming nothing short of tedious as the hours they spent together slowly ticked by. When their plane gets caught in an unexpected snowstorm, things go from bad to worse as the unimaginable happens. The sole survivors of a deadly crash, this unlikely pair are forced to work together to survive in one of the most brutal environments on Earth. As the two come to depend on each other, they find their hearts melting, but sentimentality and love won’t be enough to save them. With resources running thin and hope quickly fading, will this desperate couple find a way to survive one of the deadliest places on Earth? Adapted from the novel of the same name, “Till the End of the World’ is a 2018 adventure romance film directed by the novel’s author, Wu You Yin.