Shed Skin Papa



Tin Lik Hang (Louis Koo) is down on his luck. His filmmaking career has gone south, his finances are a mess, his love life is a train wreck. And things go from bad to worse when his mother dies suddenly – leaving him as the sole guardian of his 79-year-old father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. At first, he deeply resents his father (Francis Ng) – who has always resented. When he was younger, they never saw eye to eye, and now the old man has become a burden. But while Tin Lik Hang cares for his aging father, an amazing thing happens – his father begins shedding a layer of skin every day, losing 10 or more years each time. Each time his father transforms into a younger version of himself, Tin Lik Hang learns a little more about his parent – and himself. The two men go on a journey of discovery that helps Tin Lik Hang learn more about why his father made the choices he did. Could this fantastic journey help Tin Lik Hang turn his life – and his failing fortunes – around? “Shed Skin Papa” is a 2016 movie directed by Roy Szeto and based on the play “Nukegara,” which was written by Norihiko Tsukuda.