A Journey Through Time with Anthony


Mainland China, Romance

A Journey Through Time with Anthony


Anthony (Liu Chang) is going to study abroad, leaving his hometown of Dalian, China, to study finance at a university in Melbourne, Australia.

He leaves behind the woman he has long had a secret crush on – Ying (Bai Bai He), who is also leaving home to study abroad.

So Anthony heads off to Australia, while Ying travels to Tokyo to study sound recording.

But Anthony soon discovers that he has little interest in finance, and instead develops an interest in cooking – which intensifies when he meets a young Chinese woman who is studying to be a chef.

Inspired by his new acquaintance, Anthony decided to start cooking school – while Ying, in Japan, starts spending a lot of time with a young male artist...

Will Anthony’s new-found interest in cooking – and his new female friend – lead him to forget about Ying? Or could he turn his back on the culinary world for his childhood crush Ying?

The film is based on a hit novel written by Ma Liang.

“A Journey Through Time With Anthony” is a 2015 Chinese movie that was directed by Janet Chun.

Original title
Romanized title
Pei An Dong Ni Du Guo Man Chang Sui Yue
Also known as
Les Adventures D'Anthony
Volunteer Team
A Journey Through Time with Anthony Volunteer Team
Broadcast Period
Mainland China Romance Drama


  1. A Journey Through Time with Anthony

    A Journey Through Time with Anthony

    EN 100% Mainland China


Liu Chang
Main Cast
Bai Bai He
Main Cast
Tang Yi Xin
Main Cast
Pan Hong
Supporting Cast

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