New World

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Ja Sung (Lee Jung Jae) is a policeman who has spent eight years undercover. He has infiltrated the notorious Goldmoon crime gang. In fact, he proved almost frighteningly capable and has risen close to the top of the syndicate – and has won the absolute trust of Jung Chung (Hwang Jung Min), the right-hand man of the Goldmoon boss. But when that same boss is murdered, a brutal power struggle breaks out, with Jung Chung vying with another rival for the gang’s leadership. Back at police headquarters, Ja Sung’s boss Kang Hyung Chul (Choi Min Sik) believes he can see an opportunity to take down Goldmoon once and for all, with Ja Sung’s help. But Ja Sung’s time in the gang has changed him. Enacting the police plan will mean betraying mobsters who now consider him to be as good as family. To complicate matters, Ja Sung’s wife is pregnant, and he fears the police sting could endanger her life and that of his unborn child. Can the police bring the criminals to justice? And where do Ja Sung’s true loyalties lie? “New World” is a 2013 South Korean crime thriller directed by Park Hoon Jung.