Train to Busan

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Fund manager Seok Woo (Gong Yoo) lives in Seoul and is separated from his wife. His life is his work, and he spends relatively little time with his young daughter, who misses him very much. She asks him to grant him a birthday wish – to take her to the seaside city of Busan. He agrees and decides to take her out for the day on the KTX, a high-speed express train that links some of South Korea’s biggest cities. They board the train, along with a number of fellow passengers, including a young couple who are expecting a baby, a homeless man, and the members of a high school baseball team. One more passenger also boards, just as the train is preparing to pull out of the station – a flesh-eating zombie! The zombie bites and infects a member of the train’s crew, and together the two zombies run rampant on the KTX, turning a large number of the passengers into zombies, too. Outside the train, things are even worse. A full-blown zombie pandemic is raging, and many cities fall to the flesh-eaters. The South Korean military manages to establish a safe haven in Busan – so Seok Woo and the other non-zombie survivors must pool their wits if they are to escape the train without getting infected! Can Seok Woo bring his daughter to safety? “Train to Busan” is a 2016 horror-action movie directed by Yeon Sang Ho.