The Great Battle



In the mid-7th century, the Chinese Tang Emperor, Taizong (Park Sung Woong) saw the conflict between the three warring states of the Korean peninsula as an opportunity to invade the unsettled land. All he needed was the perfect opportunity. When a coup led by the warlord, Yeon (Yoo Oh Sung), lead to the assassination of Goguryeo’s king, Taizong saw his chance and took it with a raging fury.  Sweeping across the unsettled lands of Goguryeo, Taizong met with little resistance until he came to the fortified city of Ansi. Under the leadership of Yang Man Chung (Jo In Sung), a brilliant military commander who refused to surrender to the usurping warlord, Ansi stood as a symbol of hope to a desperate world, refusing to fall to anyone who dared an attempt to take it. But how long could one city’s luck hold? With the Chinese Emperor personally leading the assault on Ansi, Man Chung must rely on more than luck. Rallying every able-bodied man and woman to stand against the endless waves of Tang warriors, Ansi refuses to fall without a fight. With the help of his sister, Baek Ha (Seolhyun) and her detachment of female crossbow operators, and Sa Mool (Nam Joo Hyuk), a young military officer torn between his orders from Yeon to kill Man Chung and his desire to defend his hometown, Yang Man Chung uses every bit of his military prowess to hold off the advancing army. But will the determination of one city’s citizens be enough to route one of the world’s most powerful empires?  Based on the ancient Siege of Ansi, “The Great Battle” is a 2018 historical action film directed by Kim Kwang Shik.