A Company Man

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Every day Hyeong Do (So Ji Sub) gets up, puts on a shirt and tie and heads off to his office, where he is in charge of sales at a metal manufacturing company. To all onlookers, he looks like the ultimate “company man” – a typical white-collar office worker. Except for one detail – he, and all of his colleagues, are not office workers at all. They are, in fact, cold-blooded hired killers. Hyeong Do’s bosses believe he is one of the most meticulous assassins in the “company,” and have earmarked him for promotion. But, in a twist of fate, his life is turned upside down when he meets a single mother named Mi Yeon (Lee Mi Yeon). She is kind and compassionate and soon melts his cold heart. He resolves to turn his back on his life of crime, and resign his post at the “company.” However, he soon discovers that his is not the sort of profession that employees can just walk away from – and his former employees decide to come after him. Can he keep Mi Yeon safe, and escape his past for good? “A Company Man” is a 2012 South Korean movie directed by Im Sang Yoon.