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During the Joseon Dynasty, King Lee Jo (Kim Eui Sang) is a toady of the Qing Emperor in China – and the Crown Prince decides to attempt a coup to free the nation from the Qing’s influence. His plan involves buying arquebuses, an early form of firearm, from Dutch traders. However, a rival plot is being hatched by the war minister Kim Ja Joon (Jang Dong Gun), who wants to launch a rebellion and take the Joseon throne. Kim Ja Joon exposes the Crown Prince’s scheme and foils him. The Crown Prince agrees to commit suicide if his men are spared but sends word to his brother Gang Lim (Hyun Bin), who is now in Qing territory, that he wants his brother to take care of his pregnant wife. The minister orders his troops to board the Dutch traders’ cargo ships to seize the weapons. But while aboard, one of the soldiers is bitten by a terrifying zombie being kept in a cage. The soldier returns to his home village, unaware that he is now the host of a savage infection. Soon, the entire village becomes infected – with its population turning into flesh-eating zombies. Gang Lim must navigate this chaos and save his sister-in-law from the twin peril of warring powermongers and gruesome zombies. Is he up to the challenge? “Rampant” is a 2018 South Korean horror-action movie directed by Kim Sung Hoon.