Who's the Woman, Who's the Man?


Hong Kong, Romance

Who's the Woman, Who's the Man?


Lam Chi Wing (Anita Yuen) was totally infatuated with Sam Koo Ga Ming (Leslie Cheung), a top pop music songwriter. Unfortunately, she simply could not seem to catch his eye until she hatched an ingenious plan.

Posing as a male singer, Lam Chi Wing slowly gained popular attention – and finally won the heart of Sam (who was wondering if he was gay until he discovered Lam Chi Wing was actually a woman).

However, Lam Chi Wing’s plan has worked a little too well – and now she has become one of Cantopop’s biggest stars!

She is recognized for her talent, winning a prize at a major awards ceremony for outstanding male singers.

Overcome with emotion at the ceremony, she is asked to give a speech – and promptly blurts out that she loves Sam Koo Ga Ming.

The world of entertainment blows up with rumors about the duo’s “gay love affair.”

Meanwhile, matters are complicated yet further when the Cantopop scene’s biggest diva – the gender-bending Fong Yim Mui (Anita Mui) abruptly returns after a decade-long absence. Fong Yim Mui develops a crush on Lam Chi Wing…who is shocked to discover that she is also falling for the charismatic diva!

“Who’s the Woman, Who’s the Man?” is a 1996 movie that was directed by Peter Ho Sun Chan.

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  1. Who's the Woman, Who's the Man?

    Who's the Woman, Who's the Man?

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