A Violent Prosecutor

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A highly temperamental prosecutor with an overzealous work ethic and a penchant for thrashing suspects who dare cross him, Byun Jae Wook (Hwang Jung Min) has built quite a reputation for himself over the years. Known as one who pursues the truth above all else, his notoriously rough investigations may be unorthodox, but they get the job done. However, when one of the suspects under Jae Wook’s interrogation is found dead, this rough and tumble prosecutor soon finds himself the prime suspect. With all evidence pointing straight at him, Jae Wook is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and is ultimately sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Now behind bars, Jae Wook finds himself living with a perpetual target painted on his back as most of his fellow inmates are serving time because of him. Beaten repeatedly by inmates and ignored by the guards, Jae Wook could have easily allowed himself to give up, but his strong internal drive refuses to just roll over and accept his fate. Finding ways to make himself valuable, Jae Wook uses his in-depth knowledge of the legal system to help officers and prisoners alike, with all of their legal trouble. Five years later, Jae Wook is now the undisputed king of the prison. With officers and criminals both on his side, he soon learns of a way to clear his name and bring those behind his wrongful imprisonment to justice. With the help of a flashy con-man by the name of Han Chi Won (Kang Dong Won), Jae Wook sets his plan in motion. The road to redemption may not be easy but the quest for justice brings with it a unique and satisfying set of rewards. A thrilling roller coaster ride from start to finish, “A Violent Prosecutor” is an exciting 2016 crime film directed by Lee Il Hyung.