The King of Jokgu

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Majoring in food and nutrition, Hong Man Sub (Ahn Jae Hong) is about as average as any twenty-four year old college student can be. Competent in his studies, he has no problems when it comes to his education but when it comes to girls… Well, that’s an entirely different story. Never completely comfortable around women, Man Sub has never dated but after meeting An Na (Hwang Seung Eon), he hopes that’s a fact that will soon change. Falling head-over-heels for the most popular girl on campus, Man Sub is convinced An Na will never even notice him, let alone fall for him. But the differences she is able to see in him lead her to take an unexpected interest. It doesn’t take long for everyone in school to be talking about An Na and Man Sub and the green-eyed monster of jealousy soon rears its ugly head. A former Korean National Soccer player, and one of the most popular guys in school, Kang Min (Jung Woo Shik) has more than a little crush on An Na. Jealous of her relationship with Man Sub, he challenges Man Sub to a game of jokgu, certain he’ll win. But when Man Sub comes out the winner, his status on campus becomes that of a legendary hero. Determined to have his revenge, Kang Min and Man Sub soon face off again, in a school-wide jokgu competition and only the winner will be crowned king. A surprise hit centered around the soccer-volleyball hybrid sport of jokgu, “The King of Jokgu” is an independent sports comedy film directed by Woo Moon Gi.