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Best friends since childhood, Hyun Tae (Ji Sung), In Chul (Joo Ji Hoon), and Min Soo (Lee Kwang Soo) have been an integral part of each other’s lives for as long as they can remember. Sharing all of life’s moments together, they have always been there for each other, through the good times and the bad, a constant source of strength, encouragement, and unwavering friendship.  Despite having busy lives of their own, the three are just as close as adults as they were as children. Working as a paramedic, Hyun Tae struggles to balance work and his home-life, as he tries to raise his young daughter on his own. Meanwhile, In Chul has made a name for himself as a shady, swindling insurance man while Min Soo owns a small business. Though walking different paths in life, each is happy to be able to call the others friends. So content are they, in their lives and their friendship, they could never imagine things ever being any different. But when tragedy strikes, their friendship is put to the ultimate test.  Now suspecting his friends of unspeakable crimes, Hyun Tae seeks out those responsible for the accident that led to his mother’s untimely death. Pushing past the lies, he is determined to uncover the truth, but what he finds may destroy them all. A dark thriller, “Confession” is an intense 2014 crime drama film directed by Lee Do Yoon.