Cold Eyes

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The newest member of a highly specialized unit within the Korean Police Forces Special Crime Department, Detective Ha Yoon Ju (Han Hyo Joo) is eager to prove herself. Possessing a unique set of skills and a nearly photographic memory, she seems a perfect match for a unit tasked, not with arresting criminals, but observing and gathering intel vital to their arrest and prosecution. Able to blend in to any surroundings, this team of specialists is considered the best of the best, so when a group of criminals evade capture after a high-profile robbery, the team is called into action. Rising to the challenge, Chief Detective Hwang Sang Jun (Sol Kyung Gu) and his team set out to catch the perpetrators but the job won’t be easy. Led by a cold-hearted mastermind known only as James (Jung Woo Sung), this highly organized group of criminals has nearly perfected the art of disappearing. But they can’t stay hidden forever. When a hit order is put on James by his superiors, the detectives move in, following the trail of chaos the desperate villain leaves in his wake.  Putting their own lives on the line, the detectives close in on their target, but bringing a criminal like James to justice won’t be easy. Refusing to go down without a fight, James leads the police on a chaotic chase throughout the city that can only end one of two ways. It’s a high-stakes game of cat and mouse and only the winner will survive. A non-stop thrill ride, “Cold Eyes” is a 2013 action thriller film directed by Cho Ui Seok and Kim Byeong Seo.