Closer to Heaven

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Lee Ji Soo (Ha Ji Won) is a funeral director. Her love life has been turbulent – she has been through two messy divorces. One day, she is unexpectedly reunited with an old friend, Baek Jong Woo (Kim Myung Min) when his mother dies, and she is commissioned to conduct the ensuing funeral service. Baek Jong Woo is in a perilous physical condition. He has had Lou Gehrig’s disease since he was in his teens. Regardless, the reunited duo soon falls in love – and Lee Ji Soo decides to tie the knot for the third time in her life. Soon after they marry, however, Baek Jong Woo’s condition begins to deteriorate. He tries to push her away, hoping to spare her the pain of watching him die. But he is about to discover that true love cannot be deterred so easily… “Closer to Heaven” is a 2009 South Korean movie that was written and directed by Park Jin Pyo.