Suffocating under the military dictatorship that led South Korea in the 1970's, many of the younger generation pushed back against the oppression, sparking a revolutionary upheaval of pop culture that breathed new life into their stifling world. Two such revolutionaries were Sang Kyu (Cho Seung Woo), a talented vocalist, and his buddy, Man Shik (Cha Seung Woo), a guitarist who, like his friend, had spent too many days wandering the shabby clubs of the U.S. military base near their homes.

Tired of living the same weary life, day in and day out, Sang Kyu and Man Shik decide to form a rock band. Recruiting four other members, the group dub themselves the “Devils” and agree to enter an upcoming rock band contest. With their amusing, albeit shocking performance, the Devils sweep the contest and land themselves a regular gig, playing at a club called “Nirvana”. 

Becoming overnight stars, the group revels in their success but their joy is short-lived. Facing oppression on every side, the Devils must overcome a tidal wave of obstacles, some of which could very well destroy them all. Choosing to fight against despair, rather than succumb to it, Sang Kyu plans one last emotion-filled concert for the Devils. Could this final act of defiance be what sparks the fires of a nation-wide revolution?

Inspired by the real-life events of the 1970's, “Go Go 70s” is a 2008 musical drama film directed by Choi Ho.

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Go Go 70s Volunteer Team
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Korea Romance Music Drama


  1. Go Go 70s

    Go Go 70s

    EN 100% Korea


Cho Seung Woo
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Shin Min Ah
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Lee Sung Min
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Choi Min Chul
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