Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi War

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A culinary-themed diplomatic incident occurs during a meeting between the South Korean president and the prime minister of Japan: While the two political leaders discuss kimchi, the Japanese PM boldly declares that kimchi was invented by the Japanese, while the South Korean leader insists that the dish was first created by Korean cooks. The incident leads the South Korean government to raise the profile of kimchi – both domestically and abroad – by hosting a high-profile kimchi-making contest. Song Chan (Jin Goo) resolves to join the contest in a bid to save a restaurant that once belonged to his mother, using his mother’s mouth-watering kimchi recipe. But standing in his way is his step-sister Jang Eun (Kim Jung Eun). She is currently running the restaurant, but wants to close it – and still resents her mother for being so cold and distant to her during their childhood. The step-siblings agree to take part in the contest – agreeing that the winner will decide the fate of the family restaurant. Who will emerge victorious? “Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle” is a 2010 South Korean movie that was directed by Baek Dong Hoon.