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Cho In (Kang Dong Won) is a man with an incredible secret power – he can seize control of people’s minds and force them to do his bidding. He discovered his skill as a young boy and used it to make his abusive father commit suicide. Now he has grown up to become a cynical hedonist – using his power to manipulate unsuspecting businesses into handing over large sums of money to him. But one day he meets his match when he strolls into a pawn shop intent on stealing cash – and comes face to face with an employee named Kyu Nam (Go Soo). Rather than bend to Cho In’s will, Kyu Nam fights back, although the pawnshop owner is killed and Cho In escapes. Kyu Nam, who has formed a close relationship with the owner’s daughter, plans to avenge his ex-boss’ death – and enlists the help of his friends as he tries to stop put an end to the dangerous mind-controlling Cho In’s malicious schemes. “Haunters” is a 2010 South Korean movie directed by Kim Min Seok.