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Yoo Suk (Kim Ju Hyuk) is kind-hearted but has no idea that his fiancée Na Ri (Lee Si Young) has been playing him for a fool, trying to bleed him dry of money. When he takes out a loan to pay for a love nest, Na Ri senses that she cannot get any more money out of staying with Yoo Suk – and promptly drops off the radar. While still trying to track down Na Ri, Yoo Suk meets Ae Yeon (Lee Yoon Ji), a police officer who is nursing a broken heart. Over time, the two are drawn closer together. Meanwhile, Na Ri has met a dangerous mobster she thinks will help bankroll her lifestyle. However, when she runs off with a bag of his money, his newfound love for her is put to the test… This movie was based on the 2005 Japanese movie “A Stranger of Mine.” “Couples” is a 2011 South Korean movie directed by Jung Yong Gi.