After taking the Yuan Dynasty princess (Song Ji Hyo) as his wife, the King of Goryeo (Joo Jin Mo) is under constant pressure, from court officials of each country, to produce an heir and ensure the continuity of the royal dynasty. In love with Hong Rim (Jo In Sung), the military general who leads the thirty-six young men who make up his royal guard, the King has no interest in the Queen and no desire to use her to produce an heir. Tired of the constant nagging, the King devises a plan that will inevitably appease both courts and ensure his dynasty continues.

Taking Hong Rim and the Queen aside, the King demands that they produce an heir in his stead. Shocked by the King’s orders, the two are reluctant to obey, but no one in Goryeo can go against the King for long. Eventually abiding by the King’s order, Hong Rim and the Queen soon realize there is more between them than a royal edict. As the love between them grows, the King begins to suspect there may be more going on between his lover and the Queen, than a simple will to follow his command. Determined to learn the truth, the King has them followed and soon his suspicions are confirmed. Catching them in the act, the King’s rage is terrible and his punishment severe. 

Narrowly escaping death, Hong Rim becomes a wounded outlaw on the run. Desperate to know what happened to the Queen, he seeks out his love, uncertain of whether she has survived the King’s rage. When it appears she has not, Hong Rim’s quest for revenge leads him back to the palace where a final meeting with the King could very well alter the course of history forever.

An erotic tale of burning passions and bloody revenge, “A Frozen Flower” is a 2008 historical romance film directed by Yoo Ha.

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  1. A Frozen Flower

    A Frozen Flower

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