The Quiz Show Scandal

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Late one night, on the Gangbyeon Expressway leading into Seoul, a desperate young woman throws herself into traffic. The resulting accident leads to a four-car pile up and a night of chaos for the officers at the Yongsan police station.  In an effort to understand exactly what happened, the officers are forced to bring everyone involved in the accident in for questioning. From the witnesses in each of the cars, to a group of bystanders on the street, everyone has their own version of the story but no one seems to have any idea why a young woman would seemingly choose to throw her life away. Chaotic as the station may be, things are thrown into further disarray when it’s discovered that the sole casualty of the accident has, in her possession, a memory stick containing the final question for a big-money television quiz show. Known for its difficult questions and an accumulating prize pot, the witnesses at the station now have the answer to the quiz show’s jackpot winning question, a jackpot that currently stands at over $13 million dollars. Unable to resist the temptation, each set of witnesses shows up to participate in the next show, knowing only twenty-nine questions stand between them and a fortune. Will this strange twist of fate bring fortune to one scandalous winner or will they fall prey to the darker forces working behind-the-scenes of the popular show? Featuring a star-studded cast, “The Quiz Show Scandal” is a witty 2010 satirical comedy film directed by Jang Jin.