Black Gospel

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Actors and real-life friends Yang Dong Geun, Jung Joon, and Kim Yoo Mi join members of Heritage, a musical ensemble whose members co-founded the Heritage Mass Choir (thought to be the only South Korean gospel choir in the country) on a trip to Harlem in New York City. Their mission is to delve into the heart of American gospel music – to discover its roots and origins, and hopefully learn of few pointers from some of the world’s leading authorities on the genre. What follows will be a journey of discovery for the friends and musicians, as they attempt to hone their skills by performing in front of real-life church congregations. The real test, however, will come at the end of their one-month trip, when they will take to the stage in one of Harlem’s biggest theaters to perform in front of hundreds of the world’s most discerning gospel fans. “Black Gospel” is a 2013 documentary film directed by hisMT Ministry.