Love Clinic

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Having dedicated her entire life to pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, Kim Shin Seol (Kang Ye Won) has sacrificed all semblance of a normal life, in pursuit of her dreams. Now a successful urologist, with a steadily growing practice, Shin Seol can say she has finally achieved her dreams. Perfectly content with her life, Shin Seol doesn’t regret her decision to put her education above all else; though she does have to admit that not having any sort of social life, has left her, on occasion, feeling a bit lonely. On the other hand, Wang Seong Ki (Oh Ji Ho) is a successful obstetrician with no shortage of admirers. With a well-established practice and a long list of ladies interested in him, Seong Ki appears to be living the good life. But what most people don’t know is that the trauma of losing one of his patients in the past has left him dealing with some very real issues. Now impotent, Seong Ki has cut himself off from any romantic relationships so save himself from the endless embarrassment and heartache that comes with his condition.  Both too busy to bother with anything other than work, Seong Ki and Shin Seol’s expanding practices lead them to open new clinics in the same building. Coincidentally, the two live in the same building as well. As such, it’s only a matter of time before the two lonely doctors meet. Unfortunately, every time they bump into each other, they can’t seem to do anything but argue. Can two bickering souls ever make a love connection or will their constant arguing make them realize they’re better off single forever?  A story full of awkward moments and endless laughs, “Love Clinic” is a 2015 romantic comedy film directed by Aaron Kim.