A Love Story

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A young woman named Eun Jo (Jun Ji Hyun) has been living in a stunning lakeside house named Il Mare. She dreams of becoming a voice actor but is haunted by loneliness after her fiancé left for the United States and never returned. When she decides to move out of the house and return to the big city, she sends a note to the next tenant of the house, asking him to forward any mail to her. However, when she receives a reply from the new tenant, named Sung Hyun (Lee Jung Jae), she is shocked to discover that it is dated 1997 – two years in the past. The duo begins a time-hopping correspondence, which soon blossoms into an otherworldly epistolary romance. But when they attempt to arrange a way to meet in person, things do not go quite as expected. “A Love Story” is a 2000 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Hyun Seung.