Le Grand Chef

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A rising star in the culinary world, Seong Chan (Kim Kang Woo) has the talent and ambition to become one of the greatest chefs of his time. But when a competition to head a world-class restaurant ends in tragedy, he gives up his life in the limelight to lead a simpler life. Moving to a small rural town, Seong Chan spends his days working as a farmer, selling his vegetables at the local market, and looking after his ailing grandfather. Content with his new life, Seong Chan rarely thinks of returning to the fast-paced world of a master chef. But when a nationwide cooking competition offers him the chance to take on his long-time rival, Bong Joo (Im Won Hee), and restore his honor, Seong Chan can’t say no. Assembling an unexpected crew of seeming misfits to assist him, Seong Chan prepares for the battle of a lifetime, with the hopes of winning the title of heir to the last Royal Chef of the Joseon Dynasty. Soon back in the spotlight, Seong Chan and his team are faced with opposition on every side, as top-notch teams from around the country assemble to fight for the coveted title. As the competition heats up, Seong Chan must find a way to stay focused, a task proving even more difficult after a long-buried family secret comes to light. Will this brilliant chef find a way to overcome the obstacles before him or will the heat of the kitchen prove to be too much? Based on the manhwa, “Sikgaek” by Huh Young Man, “Le Grand Chef” is a dramatic 2007 film directed by Jeon Yun Su.