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Inept thief Cobra (Zhang Yu) wants money, and his partner-in-crime Big Head (Pan Bin Long) wants to amass enough cash to take his girlfriend back to their hometown. The duo plans to commit a robbery – but they soon find themselves in an almighty mess. Their hopeless effort to rob an electrics store ends up with them crashing their motorbike into a tree. They attempt to hide in an apartment inhabited by a quadriplegic woman named Jia Qi (Ren Su Xi). However, their feeble attempts to intimidate her fall flat. Meanwhile, a former policeman named Ma Xian Yong (Chen Jian Bin) is also searching for Cobra – who used his stolen shotgun to commit the robbery. Big Head’s girlfriend is also searching for her man. With all these folks apparently on a collision course, what will happen when the motley crew finally gets together? “A Cool Fish” is a 2018 Chinese comedy movie that was directed by Rao Xiao Zhi.