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When Hong Kong travel agent Acacia (Sammi Cheng) learns of her estranged father, Ha Leung’s (Kenny Bee) sudden death, she has no choice but to make the trip to Chongqing to arrange his funeral and settle his affairs. Soon after her arrival, Acacia gets the surprise of a lifetime when she learns that she is not her father’s only child. Having harbored deep resentment towards the woman who took her father away from her, Acacia is more than a little conflicted, now that she’s come face to face with not one, but two grown sisters.  A professional pool player who grew up in Taiwan, the androgynous Branch (Megan Lai), has spent her entire life incessantly hounded by her status-conscious mother. Disappointed in her daughter’s choices, both personally and professionally, Branch’s relationship with her mother is nothing short of toxic. Cherry (Li Xiao Feng), on the other hand, is a digital fashionista from China who was raised by her adoring grandmother. Brought together by their father’s death, the three sisters connect through their grief and together begin the arduous task of settling their father’s affairs. Leaving behind a hot pot restaurant and a mountain of debt, the sisters agree that keeping their father’s restaurant open is the best way to satisfy his creditors. Running the restaurant together, the sisters slowly begin to open up to each other. Sharing their respective dreams and the struggles they face as they deal with the ever-mounting pressures of work, family, and relationships, the sisters begin to bond, not just as friends, but as family.  Adapted from the novel, “My Spicy Love” by Amy Cheung, “Fagara” is a 2019 family drama film directed by Heiward Mak.