Ma Fei (Bai Yu) is an astronaut ready head off to the cosmos for a historic space flight. But his journey to the shuttle has been anything but conventional. Growing up was tough for him, particularly after his father Ma Hao Wen (Deng Chao) took the wrap for a building project that went wrong. A bridge his company built collapsed right after opening – and Ma Hao Wen was sent to jail for negligence. Ma Hao Wen had high hopes for his son, but things get very tough for both after his wife, Ma Fei’s mother, decides that divorce is the best option for her. Ma Fei begins to struggle at school. But Ma Hao Wen refuses to give up on his son. When he is released, he decides to take responsibility for his child’s education. But that proves very hard when he struggles to find a job, with local companies reluctant to hire a convict. Undaunted, Ma Hao Wen attempts to teach his son that real education isn’t always found in the pages of schoolbooks. Many years later, could the valuable lessons Ma Fei learned from his father help him – and the rest of the space shuttle’s crew – navigate a life-threatening incident in deep space? “Looking Up” is a Chinese movie that was directed by Deng Chao and Bai Mei Yu.