Only Cloud Knows

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Sui Dong Feng (Huang Xuan), a middle-aged Chinese man who lives in New Zealand, is down in the dumps. His wife Lao Yun (Yang Cai Yu) died recently, leaving him alone, pining for the love of his life. To honor her memory, Sui Dong Feng decides to take a trip down memory, and retrace their life together – vowing to set eyes on a blue whale that his wife longed to see. He retraces the path he trod 10 years ago when he first met Lao Yun, when they were housemates at a small shared accommodation. Together, they opened a small restaurant that was tragically destroyed by fire. Then Lao Yun fell ill. Sui Dong Feng goes back to see what has become of the restaurant now, and even travels back to China to meet members of his late wife’s family. His journey leads him down unexpected avenues. And he discovers a world of secrets about Lao Yun – learning that there was a whole different side of the woman he loved. A side that he never knew existed… “Only Cloud Knows” is a 2019 Chinese movie that was directed by Feng Xiao Gang.