Somewhere Winter

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A student of Beijing Normal University, An Ran (Sandra Ma) was a pretty typical university student. She worked hard at her studies but she wasn’t opposed to taking a break to have a little fun; especially not when her favorite band was playing just across town. Desperate to see this once-in-a-lifetime show, An Ran fights her way through the crowd of overly excited fans mobbing the stadium, but without a ticket, she has no hope of getting in. At least not until a handsome stranger steps in and offers her a seat next to him. Without hesitation, An Ran accepts and in that moment her life changes forever. A Taiwanese photographer with a studio in Beijing, Qi Xiao (Wallace Huo) couldn’t help but be drawn to the pretty girl he noticed trying to get into the concert. When she accepted the ticket he offered, his heart leapt and the time they spent together that evening would stay with him forever. That was in 1991. Today, things for An Ran and Qi Xiao are very different than what they imagined they would be, all those years ago. A once-famous talk show host, An Ran, now a widow, lives in California with her estranged teenage daughter, Yu Xiaonian (Vicky Chen). When An Ran’s father becomes ill, Xiaonian returns to Beijing to care for him. While there, she discovers a collection of letters and photographs that tell the story of An Ran and Qi Xiao’s love; a love that was torn apart by family obligations, government restrictions, and the cruel interference of others. When these glimpses of the past combine with Xiaonian’s own memories she begins to see her mother in a whole new light. Will the truth of An Ran’s past be enough to heal the breach between them? Adapted from the novel of the same name by Rao Xueman, “Somewhere Winter” is a 2019 romance film directed by Wang Weiming.